Nikon D3300 Announced, Where's the Beef? / by Isaiah Winters

So after all that we have seen at CES we finally get a look at some new products from the Nikon. The long suspected 35mm 1.8 prime, a tease that the Nikon D4S is in development, and we got the Nikon D3300, the successor to the popular D3200. While I think this camera will be great and serve it's purpose as an entry-level DSLR, I don't think it really helps Nikon much when it comes to trying to appeal to new consumers. The D3000 series has always been one that tried to be consumer friendly, adding things like very simple guide modes and user-friendly menus. 

This camera does add some interesting features like a smaller and lighter body, upgraded EXPEED 4 Sensor and removal of a low-pass filter. The kit which will retail for about $649.99 next month and comes paired with Nikon's new 18-55mm lens that they are calling the "Mark II" (sounds like they haven been watching too much Iron Man). The lens itself comes with some interesting new features like being able to retract down it's barrel with reduces the size of the camera and makes it seem more portable. 

While all of this sounds good and fine I think my big problem is that Nikon isn't really paying attention to what is going on in the market, and if they are they aren't doing a great job at showing it. The D3200 is fairly new and had more than enough for people just getting into photography with its speed and amazing 24.2 MP sensor. Why in the world would they make sure incremental updates to a camera that was already tiny to begin with and add things that your average shooter (the person this series is marketed at) would never understand nor notice in the first place. If you want to get more soccer moms and novice shooters moving up to a DSLR you need to add a feature that you can market and sell easily!

Wait for it.....WIFI!!! Why is it not included in this camera??? Wifi is already included in some other Nikon cameras without the need for a dongle or an eye-fi SD type device. Pair that with a great app so people can edit and send their pictures out on the go, during a child's soccer game or a family get together and you have something you can make a commercial for and sell. Everything is moving towards making technology more seamless and faster so you can get your stuff out there to social media. I love you Nikon but get with it.