Ladibird: The iPhone Camera on Steroids / by Isaiah Winters

One of the most exciting photography products we have seen in a while was recently shown at CES this year, and it comes out of Singapore. Three University of Singapore students did something that most big companies haven't been able to lately. They took the World's most popular smartphone, which already has a fairly decent camera and sensor, and super-charged it. What we have here is the Ladibird, an iPhone case that also doubles as a premium 50mm 1.8G prime lens. Many people could never dream of achieving the type photo quality of photo quality on their smartphone that this awesome invention will provide. With this case and the app that accompanies it, your iPhone will be capable of taking photos in low light with incredible detail and with options like narrow or shallow depth of field (which can create amazing bokeh). 

The case has been funded through Indiegogo and once production starts in the summer of 2014, you can expect it to run you about $300. While this initially may sound like a lot of money, once you add up the cost of purchasing a DSLR or premium mirrorless alternative with a 50mm 1.8G lens the Ladibird comes out way cheaper. It will also probably be much easier for people to get out and use, since not everyone is interested in learning how to use DSLRs, yet many of them always have their smartphone handy. I think once this case hits the market it will be exciting and I can't wait to do an initial review on it. I recently got a chance to correspond with the creators during CES and they wanted to let everyone know how grateful they were that they got to spend time in Vegas. They also hope to be there again soon! I'm sure if they keep pumping out products like this that generate such a large amount of buzz that won't be a problem!